29/06/2019 Вести 0

In the presence of a large number of world-famous artists and renowned lecturers, the Second World Pantomime Conference was officially opened at the Serbia-Korea Information Access Center of the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government until Sunday 30 June. In addition to top international performers of “Art on the Move”, the opening was attended by representatives of the Embassies of Israel and Japan in Belgrade. The organizers have prepared a very interesting program of discussions, promotions and workshops that will be held by world experts, and the main program of today’s discussion was held at the Serbia-Korea Information Access Center, since the main topic was “Pantomimes and Technology”. The coming days will also discuss the social status of pantomime, the specifics of pantomime in Asia, the cultural heritage of this branch of art, pantomime and youth theater, and future events of the World Pantomime Organization. This year, over 30 foreign artists and professors came from France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Bangladesh, Poland, Bulgaria, Turkey, and the largest delegation this year came from Israel. For the first time, Africa had a representative from South Africa. The special guest of this year’s conference is Batist Marso, son of the famous French pantomime Marcel Marso. The Second World Pantomime Conference takes place at the same time as the 44th Zemun Monodrama and Pantomime Festival, which became a partner of the event. Thanks to the city of Belgrade, i.e. the Secretariat of Culture, which financially supported the organization of the event, participation in all programs within the conference is completely free of charge for school kinds, students and professors of art schools and colleges from all over Serbia, and for members of the World Organization of Pantomimicians from Serbia , as well as members of the Serbian Dramatic Artists Association. More about the current program and conditions can be found on the World Pantomime Organization website at www.worldmime.org