25/10/2021 Вести 0

Minister Marija Obradović and Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Serbia Hyeong-chan Che announced today that Serbia will get a second SKIP center next year, which will be opened in Niš, intended for free IT training for citizens, civil servants and start-up companies.

Obradović stated that the first SKIP center was opened in Belgrade 4 years ago, whose services have been used by over 40 thousand citizens and civil servants.

The Korean ambassador pointed out that the SKIP center in Belgrade is the best of all 60 that exist in the world and congratulated the minister on the efforts of MPALSG to open another such center in Serbia, which is not a practice.

On this occasion, MPALSG received a gift of a thousand protective masks for employees from the Korean Embassy, ​​as a form of support in the fight against the Covid 19 virus