03/03/2020 Вести 0

The ESTIEM LG Belgrade Student Organization has been cultivating and developing relationships with students across Europe for many years, and this tradition will continue this March in Belgrade, at the Serbia-Korea Information Center within the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government. The three-day workshop of this student organization is being organized for the first time in Belgrade, so we have the opportunity to host 20 international students and bring them closer to the topic of project management, one of the most popular topics of today. ESTIEM LG Belgrade is a local group of the Association of European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management based at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences. ESTIEM is a project organization with around 150 members and has existed in Belgrade for 14 years. It provides members, as well as other students, with the opportunity to acquire management knowledge through projects, as well as experience and practice in working with companies and the skills of coping with problems that arise in it. What distinguishes ESTIEM in particular are international projects, where the ESTIEM network, which is branched out into 76 local groups, which includes offices in 76 different European cities, brings together active students who are thirsty for knowledge and individual progress.