The first Serbian-Korean Information Access Center (SKIP Center) as a part of the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government has opened on the 20th of the December 2017. By establishing SKIP Center, apart from the education of the government officials, we are enabling citizens and start-up companies to have the free access to all the services provided by the Center. The objective of this highly technologically equipped facility is to implement the free access and introduce the developments of the ICT (Information and Communications Technologies) especially regarding the services provided by the E-government, as well as to raise the technological literacy of the population and to promote the international cooperation between The Republic of Serbia and The Republic of Korea. This is another salient step towards improving the E-government and Information Society of The Republic of Serbia with which we continue the remarkable cooperation with The Republic of Korea in this field. The SKIP Center is located in the city center, in the Dobrinjska street 11. It covers the 410 square meters. There are three fully equipped rooms intended for the IT training but could be used for the conference purposes if needed. The equipment that SKIP Center possesses is the newest equipment that allows the access to the numerous programs that are essential for the training of the attendants on the beginner level, but as well as the training for the more advanced attendants that already have some experience in the IT field. The Center has 50 laptop computers, each connected to the Wi-Fi. Having in mind that the exceedingly fast wireless network covers every inch of the Center, the use of the tablets and other devices is possible. SKIP center uses the equipment for video conferences and two Smart Podiums that make it easier for the lecturers, but also provide the attendants more direct insight into the lecturers’ performance that could considerably ease the process of learning, as well as allow the parallel operation between attendants and lecturers. Smart Podium represents an innovative audio-visual device that has built-in multimedia components that are navigated by touch (like on tablet computers). In the Center, there are two such devices connected to the projector, speakers, web camera and wireless microphone. Smart Podium can also be managed by the tablet or another computer, aside from the already existent integrated computer. SKIP Center is established by the signing The Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation in the field of information and communication technologies between the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government and The National Information Society Agency of The Republic of Korea. The Memorandum which has been signed by the Minister Branko Ružić, representing the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government, and a director Oh Hunmok, representing The National Information Society Agency. The contribution of The Republic of Korea for the development and improvement of the ICT in The Republic of Serbia reflects in the single donation of 250.000 € for the establishment of the SKIP Center and multi-annual expense cover for the replacement of the full equipment so that the newest gadgetry would always be available to the attendants.