10/07/2019 Вести 0

With the introduction of a new electronic service for the diaspora, the concept of digitalization of public administration will greatly cross the borders of Serbia! Our citizens who live and work abroad will be able to receive their birth certificates practically on the spot – at the diplomatic-consular missions of Serbia at the beginning of next year. This was announced by the Minister of Public Administration and Local Self-Government, Branko Ružić, at the Serbia-Korea Information Access Center, addressing the newly appointed consuls of Serbia, who are being trained at the SKIP Center to work in the field of registers. – From January 1, 2020, diplomatic missions and consular posts of Serbia abroad are expected to keep registers in the Registry of Certificates. Legal frameworks are provided, and we expect fast electronic connectivity. This will allow the country’s competent authorities to forward electronic birth and marriage certificates to those available diplomatic and consular representatives, as well as death certificates of Serbian citizens abroad. This is a pioneering step and you are the first to be instructed on how it should work – said Minister Ružić to the consuls present. He added that digitalization is not only a technical-technological process, but above all a social process because of the benefits it brings to all citizens, whether they lived in the territory of Serbia or in the diaspora. – With this model of digitalization, we will cross the borders of Serbia and will be at the service of all our citizens – said Ružić. Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs Aca Jovanović said that this model would contribute to better co-operation and more efficient assistance to our citizens abroad.