30/06/2021 Vesti 0

At the invitation of the National Information Society Agency of the Government of the Republic of Korea, representatives of the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government held a presentation at the online global conference „IAC Community Meeting“ about successful functioning of the Serbian-Korean IT Access Center which brought together leading managers of IT Access Centers from sixty countries. In addition to presenting important results of this year’s work, the SKIP Center presented examples of good practice, as well as significant experiences in the field of promotion and application of information and communication technologies. The global network meeting of all information-access centers “IAC Community Meeting” was organized by the Government of the Republic of Korea, the country that is the holder of the IAC (information-access center) project. The forum was opened by the Deputy President of the National Agency for Information Society of the Government of the Republic of Korea, and except for Serbia, only the managers of the IT Access Center from the Kingdom of Morocco had the opportunity to present the results of their work. At the end of the forum, all IAC managers took the opportunity to conduct individual interviews with representatives of leading Korean IT companies through a virtual interactive platform.