11/12/2018 Вести 0

Thanks to Serbia’s Wikimedia and the Ministry of Culture and Information, our country’s cultural-historical heritage is increasingly being represented on the Internet. This year, Wikimedia has issued 355 new and completed 19 existing Wikipedia articles in Serbian, and 1,980 photos, prints and postcards have been uploaded and 13 books digitalised, which makes a total of 2,348 pages. This has significantly enriched the content about Serbia and Serbian cultural heritage on the world’s largest online encyclopedia – Wikipedia, one of today’s most visited sites. This has been highlighted in today’s conference of Wikimedia Serbia in the Serbia-Korea information Access Center, a part of the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government. Operating report was presented at the conference, as well as the project on the internship of editor on Wikipedia in the cultural institutions in Serbia was supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information. The training program includes the stay of Wikipedia’s editors in the institutions of culture for a specified period, with the goal of enlarging the number of textual and media content on Wikipedia in Serbian language. This program exists all over the world and so far, there have been more than 150 internships, seven of which have been held during this year in the Museum of Yugoslavia, the Museum of Vojvodina, the Historical Archive in Pančevo, Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments of Belgrade… Conference participants agreed that increasing the visibility of cultural institutions in the digital world will be a priority in the upcoming period.