11/06/2019 Вести 0

A Wikimedia editorial marathon on sports was held at the Serbia-Korea Information Access Center within the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government. The idea of ​​the event is to increase free content about athletes, sports disciplines, sports competitions and other relevant terms on Wikipedia in Serbian. Editing marathons are one-day gatherings of Wikipedia’s editors with the goal of writing and bettering as many articles as possible on a particular topic. This time the participants were able to enlarge the content on different types of sports, important information on the achieved results of athletes from Serbia and the world, as well as to update the existing information on their awards won. Interested participants were able to choose the topics themselves, and within the proposal, they could see what was represented, and what was not, on Wikipedia. Translation of articles from other language versions of Wikipedia is also encouraged. About Wikimedia Serbia Wikimedia of Serbia is a non-governmental, non-partisan and non-profit association whose goals are to promote and support the creation, collection and reproduction of free content in the Serbian language solely in a non-profit way, as well as the idea that all people have equal access to knowledge and education. Through local projects, Wikimedi supports and promotes work on Wikipedia and other Wiki projects.