06/10/2018 Вести 0

Today, at the Serbian-Korean Information Access Center, with the cooperation with the Mensa Serbia, Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government organised the free workshop “The Pupil Codes in Space” (Serbian: UčenIQ kodira u svemiru) for the Europe Code Week, Intelligence Day, World Space Week and Children’s Week. The goal of the workshop was to introduce the kids attending the 1st – 5th grade of the primary school with the space-themed educational games for learning programming. Intelligence and different ways of thinking are especially developing when kids are solving problems, and by learning to programme, they are acquiring skills needed in the 21st century. The authors and implementers of the workshop are Tanja Olear Gojić, class teacher, coordinator and founder of SIG (Special Interest Group) Pupil (Serbian:UčenIQ), Scientix, ambassador and Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) Expert, and Mirjana Tišma, class teacher, coordinator of SIG Parent and founder of SIG Pupil (Serbian:UčenIQ), as a part of the Mensa Serbia. They are also cofounders of SIG for the learning and memory development as a part of the Mensa Serbia and authors of the programme “From drawing to programming” (Serbian: “Od crtanja do programiranja”) and “We learn fast and easy, because we know how” (Serbian: “Učimo brzo i lako, jer znamo kako”).