12/09/2022 Vesti 0

In the Serbian-Korean Information Access Center of the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government last week, the final online conference “Google’s Impact on the Development of Women’s Entrepreneurship” was held.

Women from all over Serbia, those who are thinking of starting their own business, but also entrepreneurs who want to improve their business, had the opportunity to learn about all the advantages of using Google tools, first of all Google business profile, a free tool which helps companies to better position themselves and be more visible on the Internet. The key challenge is for the business profile on this platform to be optimized, that is, to contain information that allows users to easily and simply find specific products or services. The Google business card is an improved online version and as such has become an important starting point for any business strategy.

The conference participants recalled the fact that in Serbia there are twice as many self-employed men than women, that women are not active enough in the business environment, and that they are often excluded from the world of science, engineering, digital innovations and similar fields that, according to the traditional pattern, are considered more reserved for men. At the conference, it was particularly emphasized that Google is a development opportunity that overcomes the boundaries of the gender gap in entrepreneurship, and that it is important to create favorable conditions for jobs based on new technologies.

During the conference, all interested entrepreneurs had the opportunity to receive advice on the legal aspects and dangers of branding on the Internet, and they could also get information on how to protect the company’s identity and how to avoid numerous pitfalls in entrepreneurship. The conference in the SKIP center of MPALSG was organized by the citizens’ association “Digital Innovation Solutions”, which supports the development of knowledge and skills related to information and multimedia technologies, and the event was supported by the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications of the Republic of Serbia.