23/08/2019 Вести 0

Within the project “Development of an Integrated National Qualifications System in Serbia” through which the European Union provides Serbia with support for the development of NQFS (National Qualifications Framework in Serbia) in the Serbian-Korean Information Access Center within the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government, the first meeting of the Working Group for the Development of the NQFS Register was held today. In the next two years, this working group will work on the development of comprehensive and unique databases that will enable the full functionality and operability of the National Qualifications Framework. When the National Qualifications Framework in Serbia is completed, the system will be established in which all qualifications and all occupations will be listed and connected. In other words, citizens will have a clear picture of the level they have reached in their education and professional development at all times, as well as their opportunities for further progress, that is, where, how and how quickly they can achieve it. It is also planned to connect NQFS with the European Qualifications Framework. This means that the knowledge and skills acquired through the national education system and training will be easily recognizable and comparable to the situation on the European labor market.